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Founding Bill of the Saxon Academy of Arts
(SächsAKG) from 24 May 1994

The Saxon state parliament passed the following bill on 27 April 1994:

§ 1 Founding, Seat

(1) The Saxon Academy of Arts shall be founded as a public law corporation with its seat in Dresden.
(2) The Academy manages itself. It is subject to the legal supervision of the State Ministry of Science and Arts.
(3) The Academy shall devise its own Statutes. The Statutes require the approval of the State Ministry of Science and Arts.

§ 2 Tasks

(1) It is the task of the Academy to promote art, make suggestions for its promotion and cultivate the traditions of the traditional Saxon area of culture. The Academy is responsible only to itself and acts directly in public.
(2) The Academy shall create an archive in which it shall document its own work and that of its members.

§ 3 Members

(1) The Academy has regular, corresponding and honorary members. They shall be elected by secret ballot by the members‘ assembly.
(2) A member to whom Article 119 Sentence 2 No. 1 or 2 of the Constitution of the Free State of Saxony (SächsVerf) applies and whose membership thus seems intolerable for the Academy is to be expelled.
(3) The Statutes of the Academy regulate the election and the expulsion of members in more detail.

§ 4 Organisation

(1) The Academy has the following classes: 1. Architecture, 2. Fine Arts, 3. Performing Arts and Film, 4. Literature and Language Cultivation, 5. Music
(2) With the agreement of the State Ministry of Science and Arts, classes can be restructured and further classes established.
(3) Each class is managed by a secretary.

§ 5 Bodies

(1) Bodies of the Academy are the members‘ assembly, the Senate and the President.
(2) The members of the bodies work for the Academy on a voluntary basis. They are entitled to appropriate compensation for any expenses incurred during their work. For the payment of personal expenses, lump sums of an appropriate amount can be defined with the agreement of the State Ministry of Science and Arts.

§ 6 Members‘ Assembly

(1) In the members‘ assembly only regular members are entitled to vote. The corresponding members and the honorary members can participate in the members‘ assembly in an advisory capacity.
(2) The membersí assembly passes the Statutes.

§ 7 Senate

The Senate consists of the President, the Vice-President and the class secretaries.

§ 8 President

(1) The President represents the Academy in and out of court. He holds the members‘ assemblies and the meetings of the Senate. He is in charge of the Academy‘s employees.
(2) If unable to attend, the President is represented by the Vice-President.

§ 9 Budget, Office

(1) The Academy receives financial sponsoring from the Free State of Saxony. The Academy is granted funds, as defined in the government budget, to enable it to perform its tasks.
(2) The administrative tasks of the Academy are carried out by an office.

§ 10 Employees

The respective stipulations for employees of the Free State of Saxony apply to the employment of the Academy employees.

§ 11

In this bill the use of the grammatically male gender refers to both genders. Women may use the female gender of the official titles and position names.

§ 12

(1) By suggestion of Saxony‘s Senate of Culture, the Minister President shall appoint 30 founding members of the Saxon Academy of the Arts, although the members of the existing founding committee shall also be taken into consideration.
(2) The founding members shall vote people in accordance with § 3 (1).
(3) The further bodies and the Statutes in accordance with this bill shall not be defined by the members‘ assembly until the Saxon Academy of the Arts has at least 50 regular members.

§ 13

This bill comes into force on the day of its promulgation.

The above bill is hereby executed and is to be promulgated.
Dresden, 24 May 1994
President of the State Parliament Erich Iltgen
Minister President Prof. Dr. Kurt Biedenkopf
State Minister of Science